Captain Marvel Larson appeared in the theater to watch the movie in person

These days, the “Captain Marvel” series in the Marvel Movie Universe is being released. Although at the beginning of 30-year-old Brie Larson to play the role of Captain Marvel, many people said that Marvel chose an “Aunt Marvel” “. But after the movie was released, they changed their minds-it looks good!

captain marvel costume

Debut 19-year-old Brie Larson played Captain Marvel’s impulsiveness, dissatisfaction, and affectionate personality into a three-pointer, and instantly became an iconic character in Marvel heroines. If you change into an actress in your 20s, you definitely won’t be able to have such a sense of substitution. Perhaps at that time, “Captain Marvel” could really be renamed, Surprise Marvel …

Captain Marvel’s actor Brie Larson himself also saw a lot of pre-screening reviews from the Internet, so he chose to randomly assault cinemas during the movie screenings these days. One is to watch the audience ’s response to the characters, and the other is to surprise fans who like them.

captain marvel costume

Captain Brie Larson of the day appeared in the cinema and made the same blond hair as in the movie. Although not wearing the “rubber diving suit” in the film, the similarity between the red and black sportswear and Captain Marvel’s combat suit is very high! When they first entered the audience, they thought that someone was playing COSPLAY, and then burst into cheers.

captain marvel costume

Then Brie Larson greeted the audience with Captain Marvel’s tone and carried a Cola Cup with her own avatar on it. The scene was very happy.

In fact, this time, Brie Larson went to the cinema not only to greet but also to sell snacks for fans in front of popcorn machines and cola machines. I met Captain Marvel when I was watching Captain Marvel, and I bought popcorn with Captain Marvel. This experience is simply the pinnacle of my life!

Before the film was officially released, Brill Larson was spit by many netizens. Mainly because Brie Larson has a face with a square face, and looks more mature, very different from Captain Marvel in the comics. At that time, when Marvel released the first poster of “Captain Marvel”, the popularity of online reviews continued to decline.

However, the appearance and the image of the original comic are not pleasing, but Brie Larson’s acting skills are world-class. In 2015, he appeared in a “room” and won two best actress awards in succession. In addition, Marvel’s role selection has always focused on strength, not on face value, which is why Marvel Universe movies have been successful.

captain marvel costume

You know, before Robert Downey Jr. appeared in “Iron Man”, there was also negative news, and Edward Norton, who played the Hulk Dr. Banner, was even plain. But they all got the recognition of the audience with their own efforts, but they were very inspirational!