Please don’t let your child wear cotton pajamas when slept

Cotton pajamas do not sweat, it is the killer of baby’s health.

01: Sleep is the noble mission of babies.
Baby’s sleep has more special significance than our adults, for them who are in the growth stage, poor sleep will affect the development of the nervous system, hinder their intellectual and physical development and make their children willful, irritable and emotional unstable.

Please don’t let your child wear cotton pajamas when slept

1) lack of sleep affects brain development
Scientific research has found that after a baby falls asleep, blood flow in the brain increases significantly, so sleep can also promote brain protein synthesis and infant intellectual development. If the baby sleeps well, he will wake up well and receive more information during the day. Conversely, when he wakes up in a bad state, it is difficult to accept things around him.

2) Head development and sleep are closely related
Many mothers have an expectation that the baby must grow taller than the father. In addition to good nutrition, sleep is also the key to your baby’s physical growth.

Most babies grow fastest at night, especially during deep sleep, so if you want to have an ideal height, you need to sleep for a long time, and sleep quality is essential. However, children sweating in the middle of the night, kicking the quilt and being awakened by the heat will affect the night’s sleep and it is difficult to enter deep sleep.

Dr. Jiang Fan, who won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, also pointed out: “Insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality not only affects growth and development, but also affects learning and memory, the role of sleep in childhood obesity is also being increasingly valued.”

3) The baby has a bad temper, maybe the baby is not sleeping well
When adults are tired, their emotional tolerance will decline, as will babies who need sleep. If your baby’s sleep is not satisfied, lack of sleep will cause the central nervous system to be awake and become excited or irritable in behavior. Therefore, crying is not bad temper. It is important to sleep well every day.

02: It’s very harmful for baby to wear the wrong pajamas
Sleeping is a top priority for a baby, wearing the wrong pajamas actually harms the child virtually.
The baby’s metabolism is very fast and it cannot be slowed down in time after falling asleep and the heat accumulated in the body will be released in a short time by sweating. Therefore, mothers often see the baby sweating after falling asleep.

And cotton pajamas are not easy to wick away sweat. It is undoubtedly a nightmare to wear such clothes on children.

What kind of harm does a baby wear in cotton pajamas when substituted into everyday scenes?

One sin in pure cotton: Child crying at night
Massive selection by a professional mother-to-baby channel, frequent night crying of babies has become the top ten parenting troubles of newly born mothers! Cotton pajamas absorb sweat and do not sweat and the baby feels uncomfortable but can’t say when sweats and covers the sweat at night. The only thing they can do is crying.

Two sin in pure cotton: Baby eczema
There are many reasons for babies with eczema and red spots on their bodies, but cotton pajamas covering sweat is definitely a major cause

Three sins in pure cotton: Stuffed towels
Children are hyperactive and sweaty and their self-regulation ability to cold and heat is also relatively poor, cotton pajamas do not sweat and it is easy to catch cold.

Four sins in pure cotton: Children have bitch
Wearing cotton pajamas, sweating and covering up, it is uncomfortable all over the body

Five sins in pure cotton: Sleeping on a Quilt
After the baby sweats at night, the cotton pajamas can’t excrete and stick to the body, wet will take away the body surface temperature, causing the cold to occur frequently at night

Please don’t let your child wear cotton pajamas when slept

Six sins in pure cotton: Nap in kindergarten, the most worrying!
It is still in control at home, but everything was out of control in the kindergarten, the child always sweats, but the teacher cannot take good care of it

Seven sins in pure cotton: The embarrassment of air-conditioned rooms
The baby wears cotton pajamas, when the air conditioner is turned up, it is hot and uncomfortable; when the air conditioner is turned down, it is cool, cold and it will bring the trouble soon or later.

In short, cotton is not completely bad, but such poor sweating properties are not suitable for babies to wear as pajamas. Especially now that many pesticide residues make cotton no longer “pure natural”

For babies who are in the growth stage, poor sleep can affect the development of the nervous system, hinder their intellectual and physical development and make their children willful, irritable and emotionally unstable. Choose the right pajamas to protect your baby’s good sleep.

03: Does sweating pajamas really work?
It is understood that Ximian is the first brand to develop the concept of “Children’s Perspiration Pajamas”. There is a Tmall store, which also has 28 stores in Shanghai and is well-known in Shanghai.

Please don’t let your child wear cotton pajamas when slept

The loyal powder of Ximian indicates that the perspiration effect is good and the disease is less

According to the comments of real buyers, it is indeed more beneficial to the baby to change the child’s perspiration pajamas. But also remind everyone: if you want to buy Ximian for your children, you must choose the right size, otherwise sweating will not achieve the best results.

Keeping your baby healthy and healthy is a mother’s mission for 24 hours. Every mother bears the pressure of growing up. So, while taking care of your baby, remember to take care of yourself. If you’re interested with one of baby onesies pajamas and want to purchase it, just go to wowpajamas to get it.