Female superhero female cosplay, Loki Plus, Wolverine is extraordinarily sexy!

There is no need to introduce cosplay (role play) in the second-element culture.

With the rise of the country, the behavior of this simulated virtual character is becoming more and more familiar. In fact, cosplay refers to the use of costume props to play the role of anime works or games, or it can be a personal version of a film and television character.

Today, I will share with you four female fans who play male superheroes on SDCC:

The first one, beauty plays the DC superhero sea king.

The latest “Neptune” poster has been issued, and the trident of Neptune has changed from bronze to local gold, and this version of the sister is white iron. The image basically restores the image of the sea king in the comics. Of course, because of the gender differences, the lower body is somewhat different.

The second, the character prototype is the Marvel Super Hero Surprise Captain.

This one is very entertaining. The superhero surprise captain is the first person in Marvel’s role to have an independent film. Because the role of the actor Briolson is a bit square, it may take some time for the fans to adapt. It is better to look at this first. The beauty of the play!

The third, very sexy Wolverine plays.

Wolverine’s trilogy is over. When X-Men is integrated with Marvel, Wolverine will change actors even if it appears, which is a sad thing for fans.

The beautiful women’s clothes in the picture are relatively thin, but at a glance, it can be seen that this is Wolverine, but there are only two steel claws in the hand. Is it Laura, the daughter of Wolverine?

The fourth, Rocky finally has the Plus version!

I saw the golden horn on the head to know that this is the play of Rocky. If you look closely at the weapon, it was also used in “Reunion 1”. Rocky Plus should have been wrong!

What do the friends think is the second or third?