There are always 3 people in the Panthers passing through the Panthers, and the latest suits can rebound energy!

“Black Panther” is the 18th film in the Marvel movie universe. The background is set behind “Captain America 3” and tells the story of the Panthers returning to Wakanda after participating in the Civil War of the Avengers.

In the “Black Panther”, a total of three people passed through the Panthers, they are Technica, Techara, and Eric.


Technica is the father of the current Panthers, the former king of Wakanda.

More than a decade ago, Technica had to kill the prince who betrayed Wakanda in order to protect the Vulcans.

This version of the Panther’s helmet is also head-mounted and requires manual removal.

On the right shoulder of the Panthers, there are also costumes with ethnic characteristics. It is undoubted that this battle suit is very uncomfortable.

black panther cosplay costumes


Techara’s sister designed two new panthers for him, and Techara chose a gray-purple suit that looked low-key.

black panther cosplay costumes


The black panther cosplay and Techara wore by Eric should belong to the same model, but the color is a high-key golden yellow.

black panther cosplay costumes

In addition to the bullets, the new Panthers have several features.

Sound absorbing shoes

The shoes of the new Panthers have a sound-absorbing function, which allows the Panthers to complete the assassination without any sound.

black panther cosplay costumes

Store energy and rebound

The new Panthers can absorb the outside blow and transform it into energy stored in the suit, which can bounce off this energy when needed.

black panther cosplay costumes

Necklace transformer

The Panther only needs to wear a special necklace to replace the entire Panther suit, so that you can enter the battle state anytime, anywhere, without the need to wear a uniform like the Captain America and Spider-Man.

black panther cosplay costumes

So, the new Panthers are so powerful, so the Panthers can be ranked in the Avengers in the Avengers League?